Steven - Filmmaker / Editor

I feel like I’ve spent most of my life with a camera in my hands. In early childhood, I fell in love with the act of capturing the visual image. I was mystified by my grandfather’s old, black and white photos, and cine film, the way it could remake our days. He recorded the simple moments; my mother laughing, my father standing proud next to his first motorcycle, his arm around her shoulder, hugging her close. 

Soon after, my father passed away. The images were a passage back to him, to his smile. It was a reminder of his love, held within a tender fragment of time. Maybe that’s the reason I have always felt the need to capture life as it passes, to frame its fleeting nature. I remember the moment when I got my hands on an old 35mm camera, the possibility that I sensed in the equipment. I quickly transformed my mother’s kitchen into a dark room and lost myself in the joy of creating. I can still recall the pure excitement I felt when that first memory shimmered into focus. My passion for storing the days has not subsided since then, and the years have given me so much to store. A marriage to a beautiful woman, who has been a dedicated partner in both life and work. Five children, whose crazed antics have delighted me and my camera, and continue to do so. Adventures and homecomings, the grand days, and the days that are sweet and small. 

Yet, of all the days I have had the privilege to document, there is nothing quite like a wedding. All that our human hearts hold dear; love, life and friendship, are expressed with vibrant energy in a single day. The passion for the present in the couple’s eyes, the eagerness for the future in their united minds. The affections of their friends and families, their warm wishes and kind words. And the little things are just as important. A bride touching her grandmother’s hand. The pride in a father’s voice as he performs his speech. The way a groom’s arm graces his beloved’s shoulders. And the record of it is destined to become more poignant over time. It serves to remind the couple of all that is pure and good, and perhaps, to inspire their children to one day find a love of their own.