How much do your wedding film packages cost?
We have Cinematic Wedding Film packages to suit most budgets. Prices start from $1790.

How much is your deposit?
We require $500 deposit to secure your date. We will send you an agreement at the time of booking. The balance of payment is due 21 days prior to your wedding day.

Do you have an office / studio.?
Yes, our studio is a converted barn and stables located on our property. It is secluded and quiet. Perfect for creativity and an ideal place to meet with you for a coffee. We are based on the Central Coast, only five minutes from Erina or Gosford.

Will you travel to my wedding location.
Yes. Our wedding film packages include traveling up to 1 hour from the Central Coast. We also travel to many locations in Sydney, The Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and The Blue Mountains. For location over two hours away we charge an additional $200 for accommodation. This allows us to spend lots of energy and passion filming your wedding day without worrying about the late drive home.

We can also travel interstate or internationally to film your special day. If you love our filming style we will travel anywhere to create something special for you.

How long is your turn around time?
We deliver your finished highlight film edit within eight weeks.  (usually 8 weeks for the short feature film and 12 weeks for the full ceremony and reception edits).

Can I pick my own music?
Yes and no. For the full ceremony edit you can supply us with several tracks of your music choice. This is the longer edit of your day that you can watch with friends and family. This can't be shared online due to using unlicensed music.

The short highlight movie will use licensed music. This means you can share your highlight film online, safely knowing that it is legal to do so.  We find a song that conveys the feel of your wedding day and matches the pacing of the edit. We have a very good track record when selecting music for our wedding films. All of our clients have loved the music choices we used with their film. You are also welcome to find the music yourself and we can provide you with the music licensing websites we use. The music choice is very important to the film because it sets the tone and mood, so picking the one that fits can take some time but it will be worth it. 

At least one licensed music track is included with all of our packages.

Can we have aerial drone shots.
Yes, we are CASA accredited and have obtained a Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot - Visual Line of Sight). We also have public liability insurance for drone use. Regardless of the film company you use we thoroughly recommend using a licensed operator. You should never allow anyone to film your wedding location with a drone, without public liability insurance (specifically for drone use). The wedding film industry is notorious for using drones in a casual manner. You can watch some of the results on youtube. If an accident happens at your venue, the operator will be liable but you, as the venue hirer, can also be liable. It is not worth the risk!

What kind of equipment do you use?
We shoot using professional DSLR cameras including Panasonic and Canon. We also use lenses suited to the cinematic look we like to achieve. Other gear includes small gimbals to create that flowing camera motion, sound recorders and monopods. We also use a Phantom 4 pro drone for all aerial visuals.

What is 'the cinematic look'?
In the past wedding videos used to look like just that, like videos. Digital, static, TV looking and bland. With todays digital equipment a skilled cinematographer can use anamorphic lenses and shoot at frame rates that emulate the look of cinema. This can create an artistic style that helps convey an emotional story to the audience. Post production colour grading and time remapping can also enhance the style and look of the film.